How to listen

To be able to listen to our radio you can use any audio player capable of playing an MP3-stream, such as:

If you have Windows:  Winamp ,  RealOne  or Windows Media Player

If you have Mac OS:  iTunes 

If you have *nix:  XMMS 

If you have AmigaOS -  AmiNetRadio 

Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java phones, iPhone: Deep Mix Mobile

Depending on the way you access the Internet you can choose between 3 streams:

 24k  -- if you have a modem connection
 56k  -- if you have an ISDN connection
 128k  -- if you have a broadband connection

If you can't connect to the main server, you can choose one of the mirrors:

320 Kbps [] 85/200
128 Kbps [] 56/250
128 Kbps [] 43/200
56 Kbps [] 1/100
56 Kbps [] 4/5
24 Kbps [] 3/300
Total 192 listeners

If playback doesn't start automatically try to manually enter the URL: File >> Open location (or press Ctrl+L in case you have Winamp or XMMS).

For more stable listening you can increase the buffer size.
For Winamp 5:, Option >> Settings >> Input Plug-ins >> Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder >> Configure >> Streaming. Setup buffer to 128...192 KB and click .
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